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About Us

We are a family run company that started in 1979 by Tony Scanlon who is mainly behind the scenes working to ensure all the vehicles are ready to go and the day to day running of both the mechanical and body shops.

Tony's Interests include riding his motorbike, keeping up to date with all the latest technology, going to Spain and socialising with friends.

Sharon Scanlon joined the business 9 years ago after being in healthcare for 25 years. Sharon mainly worked behind the scenes, on the IT side of the business. You can now find her selling the vehicles. You can be assured of a warm friendly smile and a cup of coffee.

Sharon's interests include Shopping, reading and looking after her daughter Leanne, hence the shorter working day. But Sharon is more than happy to show you vehicles by appointment at any reasonable time of day. 


Leanne Scanlon is their daughter who is 6 and already has a keen eye for vehicles. Leanne can already drive better than her Mummy. Leanne has an electric mini and has already mastered reverse parking and  3 point turns, she loves fast cars!.

Leanne's interests are School, cars, reading, rainbows, and has a passion for ballet.